I Never Had Boobs, But I Always Had A Date

Dear Small-Breasted Women,

I am a 38-year-old woman who has worn a size 32A cup since puberty. For those of you who do not know this is the absolute smallest bra size available.

Over recent years, I began to notice that small breasted woman are practically an endangered species. I remember when I was younger I had a group of girls that had the same small breasts as me. We would joke around about our “flat-chests”. Now, when I think about those same girls I recall that most of them have altered themselves…I am one of the last woman I know with the small chest I was born with. It’s not only the girls I grew up with, it is also the moms at the public pool, the young woman at the bar, the models in magazines, and the celebrities I see on television. Hardly no one I see has small breasts anymore. I have come to the realization that practically every woman I know has bigger boobs than me! I beg to ask, why?

My small breasts have never stopped me from anything, for example:

Everyone I have met thus far has made excellent eye-contact with me.
My two children had plenty of milk when nursing from my little boobs.
I can look great in a dress.
I can wear a bikini.
I am able to hit the gym or the pavement, or the yoga mat in ease.
I have always been able to find and fit into great clothes.
I can buy cheap bras.
I am married to a sexy and successful and kind man.
Come to think of it…I have ALWAYS had a date…a great date even.
Most importantly, my small breasts have given me great material for jokes.

After thinking about my life thus far with my small boobs, I became even more confused…What has motivated so many woman to have their breasts enlarged? I mean, they went to the doctor and elected to have their body mutilated, and stuffed with foreign objects. They spent a ton of money and choose to endure excruciating pain to have bigger boobs…not to mention those things can not be comfortable! My small A cup’s have worked just fine my whole life…Maybe I don’t know what I am missing?

This letter is my attempt to let you all know that my small breast size has had little to no impact on my life nor will it on yours. I am here to let all the woman contemplating this procedure know that with the right attitude and a nice personality you will too always have a date. I am reassuring you of this because I can not think of another reason why woman would think bigger boobs are the ideal unless they are considering what the opposite sex would prefer. If that is the case, please note God gave us small-chested woman, “the ass-man”.

Disclaimer: I am not judging the woman who have had this procedure. It is my goal to empower those with small-breasts. Also, I am aware that there are many cases when plastic surgery is necessary.