Going Back in Time

…only to find that you’re the only one living there. The town has been abandoned or worse, everything remains in and out-of-place. Some things have evolved at the some time other things have deteriorated.  Realizing the way you left someone or someplace isn’t as it was. We dream to ourselves, we reminisce to our peers and then we move on with our future. All along believing what we dwell on is as it was and will forever be until we realize its new truth by seeing it as it now is.

The drunk is now sober. The sober is now drunk. The city is now a farm and the farm is now a city. The house is a parking lot and the parking lot is now a suburb. The heart misses, the mind retracts, the future rolls on without regard to any of this being possible.

After many moments acceptance rolls in and with that comes new appreciation for what has become. Simultaneously, fear and dread appear, reminding us that nothing lasts forever. We too have become something different or worse…we stayed the same.