Dear Joe,

You have only been in my life for a short time, yet I am pretty sure that I am in love with you. I hope I am not coming on too strong, which is ironic because  with you I do everything a little “too strong”. I know you have been around for a long time, and that you have turned many on to you, however I have not been ready for what you have to offer…up until recently. I am finally  willing to take the risk you have endowed on so many. After all, falling in love is a gamble and  I am willing to take the risk.

There are many reasons why I have fallen for you and I want you to know the effect you have on my mind AND my body.

You are always hot and when you aren’t,  you are ready to let me heat things up again. Even though you are much older than me, it is like you are a 22 year old beast.

I love extra cream and you always deliver making me blush with satisfaction.

You always know to keep the sweetness out, that is not what this is about. Our relations are bold and strong.

Even the simple touch of your mug warms me up enough to get me started.

There are days when you feel so brawny  and that is when you really get my pulse to palpitate.

There are days when you feel so gentle in my mouth and that is when I am left just wanting more.

Just the smell of you has an effect on my stomach. I think the effect may be butterflies but much more intense.

When I am hot and sweaty you do nothing but make me hotter.  Sometimes I am forced to add ice to cool things down a bit. You never complain.

After you are gone, I am left with nothing but a pungent taste in my mouth and a rising alertness wondering when I can see you again.

Joe, please promise me that you will always come back. Promise me that you will always be good to me and service me the way you have been. I am at your mercy and will continue to wake up every morning with you as the first thing on my mind. Since you have come into my life I find that I am insatiable only wanting more.

I need you to know that whatever happens you will always be my Joe, my java, my morning partner, my perfect cup of coffee.







Choosing Sunny Side Up

Ever notice how your indoor plants grow  toward the sunny side of the room?

or how dogs lie in the sunny spot on the floor?

or how people congregate  toward the sunny dipositioned people?

or how good the sunshine feels on your face … especially when the weather is crisp, and the sun feels  like a warm blanket for your soul?

My point is that  most  living things are attracted to the bright side.  We strive to stay in the sun…the sun brings life, the sun brings warmth, and the sun brings celebration. As humans we have the brain capability to  absorb this idea.

Unfortunately, for many the sun is clouded. In my opinion, it is these three  things that cause it most;

tragedy (which is complicted so I will leave this untouched for now),


or an usual magnetism toward negativity, jealously or hatred toward others.

I think that the most devastating cloud magnet of all is addiction. This is when a person is both a victim and a criminal to their own self. I will never condemn someone who is aware of their addiction. I have seen how the clouds stay and the addict tries in all their power to escape them. I lost my dad to addiction and continue to see other people I care about get lost too. This is not a life anyone chooses. It is a fight that is bigger than the addict. We will never understand unless we too become one.  The most unfortunate is those who do not acknowledge their addiction. Either way, all we can do is offer up an umbrella because the storm NEVER settles.

Jealously, in my opinion, is one of life’s biggest upsets because it is self-inflicted. We can bring more sunshine to the world but choose not to. Here, we have the power, which is a great thing! We can prevent the storms  by dealing with our own jealousies, finding a way to be confident in who we are, and by spreading joy and refraining from judgement. By trying to deliberately block others’ sunshine, we become blinded by the darkness we bring to no one but our own selves. Nothing makes a person more ugly, and more dark,  than the evil emotion of jealously. Major side effects of jealously are judgement, revenge and hatred. Who does this bring  the most clouds to? The answer is obvious. The end result is this; People notice, clouds spread across the sun and before we know it a storm is under way. After the storm comes stillness, loneliness, and guilt,  but mostly for the one causing the deliberate disturbance.  Most people do not want to be around stormy people. People walk away, leaving you alone without an umbrella. They go away from you to find the sunny side.

Now, if you will excuse me, I will be basking in the sun with my dog. I will have my sunblock for those of you that want to join me and for anyone else,  I have an umbrella you can have.

Disclaimer: It is my hope that you all get that truly intelligent people realize they are  a work in progress and as long as they are aware, they can change. Be patient, change takes time.